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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A lot has change

Hey there!

OMG! It has been more than a year since I last updated this blog. So much has change. I have gone through many tough experiences within the past year and more experience to be gained I supposed.

I guess, I should start writing again since I am currently a journalist of The Star Publications.

Well, all of you readers can expect a more matured content coming from me compared to the previous years.

Maybe I should start relating some of my experiences here, just for the fun of it! ( coz I know nobody is reading )

Anyway, I guess the time is already 2.05 am and I have yet to go to bed. Maybe I should go after a few quick browse of the internet.

Good night then people, hope to see you more often after this.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wonders of Social-Networking Sites

Wow, i guess this is my first topic to be posted after a year plus having this blog and i believe that by writing on this topic, i might get to start the ball rolling.(hahaha)

So, first of all, i'm sure that most of you have or had owned a profile in a social-networking site. Heck, you might even owned profileS in a few social networking sites. The sites i'm referring too are SN(Social-Networking) sites such as Facebook, Friendster and Twitter.

Well, i'm very sure that most of us are familiar with those sites and therefore i believe we all should ponder the reason for having spend so much time on these websites.(me included)

Pardon me for not having pictures yet on my blog but i do believe a good write-up shall interest you to continue reading.

The first wonder that i would like to talk about is the social aspect of these SN sites. Most people tend to be too busy with their daily life and by keeping tabs on the SN sites, you could actually connect and 'keep up-to-date' with your friends and family. (girlfriend/boyfriend included)

Other than that, the applications that are available on the SN site itself is a wonder all by itself. You can do quizzes, play games(i'm kinda occupied with FB games :-D) and other stuffs which can be done during your leisure time or when you have got time to kill.

I'm kinda excited now especially after creating a profile for both Twitter and Tumblr and i have yet to explore their 'wonders' but i do believe this sites received huge following not just because these are just another SN site.

I've tried to open Foursquare but I believe it is more fun when you own an iPhone,Blackberry or other smartphones which can make the Foursquare browsing much enjoyable than on a laptop.

As for Flickr, i believe i will 'join-in' once i venture into photojournalism. As for now, Facebook will do. (LOL)

Hah! I guess that's all for now people..Will definitely try to add pics soon.
Till then, take care aite!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Aha!'s kinda unrecognizable from the old one but i guess it's time to get up and running for the new blog.

I'm sure your first question would be...

"wait a minute, I thought that I clicked the link to the 'Duality' blog?"

The truth is, 'Duality' IS REINVENTED into a new blog namely 'Infinite'. I've changed quite a bit since my last post and I believe that staying in the old complicated mould would not do me any good.

So, without further ado I introduce to u the 'INFINITE' with the tagline the world is made up of endless possibilities. Quite cheery don't you think?

I've changed the background as well because my blog is soooooooo gloomy! Well, things have to start to change and I decided that it will change slowly and without a doubt I'll be less talking about myself but talk about things that happen to me or things that I come across in my daily life.

Therefore,I sincerely hope for the best of this blog and will definitely be looking forward to what can I do with it. Got a few interesting stories to tell soon.

Tiil then,take care aite!

Under Construction

Time for reinvention! try to be finished before the start of 2011.

Thursday, July 8, 2010's been so long since i've written anything here..

Gosh, i have to start writing back coz im graduating in a year and i gotta keep my writing skills razor sharp. hahaha

Anyway, with the new semester coming in just 3 days time, I would like to share with all of you my hope as well as my targets for the upcoming semester.

First of all, the first aim is to raise my CGPA. Honestly, i've been saying this for the past 4 semesters of my university life. However, i failed to do it every single time. So, in the spirit of entering my final year, I have to raise my pointer as it will affect my worklife in the form of my future salary. So Hafiz, dean's list the target for this semester.

Next is to spend time with my darling as well as my friends. I realised that time with them will be precious in this year as all of us would be going our separate ways once we graduate with the exception of my darling of course..hehehe

My third goal is to gain as much experience and exposure in USM as well as being a part-time stringer for The Star newspaper. Of course, this year, I'm no longer YDP Tekun but the fact of the matter is, i'm still staying at tekun and i will definitely support and help the upcoming batch of mpd by giving new ideas as well as guiding them through this year..

Life's looking good ya for the new sem..Catch you guys later. Hope my updating streak will continue..chowz!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flory's Blog Challenge Day 1 : Backache Sucks!

Hey ya! Well, i would pretend that i'm writing to a whole lot of readers here but the truth is i dun have that many readers..Not yet anyway.

The reason for me to start writing again is because:-

num 1: I'm a journalism-major student..writing blogs should be my life.
num 2: There is a certain cute girl who suddenly has the audacity to post a challenge on her very cool bog ( seriously i meant it)

So here i am, writing about smthng that tickles my fantasy as she wrote it there. And i'll write about back aches..My back ache..I'm sure as of now, this cute someone would be smiling coz she would be surprised that i did not write bout MPD. Oops! wrote it already..Sorry dear,kekeke...

Anywhooo...back aches..It's a pain in the a** and evry time i got it,i would always need someone like 'aizam, a close friend of mine who is very good with his hands or else my other option would be my dear but i can't really ask her coz she will say "kahwin ngan tukang urut"..

I would rather be honest bout this backache thing coz honestly...I love backaches coz i can ask someone to massage me whenever i got it..Gosh,my writing sucks as much as this back ache but let me remind u one thing people..Once i'm back in the writing groove,my bog post would be of a much better quality. As of now, this will do.

First challenge complete! Signing off..Nite2

Thursday, December 31, 2009

9 significant things of 2009

Hey everyone,it's been a long time but i suddenly have the urge to write this post although i'm extremely busy with all the MPD related stuffz. Anyway,today is the last day of 2009 and i would like to recap what happened in my life, the significant things of 2009 in Hafiz's life.

So,without further ado, let's start the countdown (drum roll please)

1. Driving a car in the campus

Well,it seem trivial to most people, but for me,it's huge.REALLY HUGE! Coz,by driving a car to the campus, it means that i don't have to walk 12.30am from Bakti Permai to Tekun after meetings, picking up my special someone from her place or going to places at night. Woohooo! Having a car in campus provides me with the "thrill" of being a free university student.

2.Being a PPSL(PPMS)

Aha,this was one of my targets when i first came into USM. PPMS( Pembantu Pelajar Minggu Suai Kenal ) but when i joined it in my 2nd year, it's PPSL ( Pembimbing Program Siswa Lestari ) which is quite the same actually. Our job is to welcome the first years to USM, in other words, we make things easier for them in the orientation week. Being a PPSL gives me lots of experience and friends especially when I was suddenly nominated as Penghulu Tekun and being responsible for 27 PPSL and 500+ 1st years.Phew! What an experience!

3.Been accepted into the "Chemistry Clan"

Finally, having a group of friends where i can laugh with, share my problems and go nuts with them. The weird thing is all four of them are taking Chemistry,while I'm taking Journalism.It is weird but opposites do attract. At long last, I have something to do when I'm back in Tekun. Hanging out with Male Friends. It's not easy for me to be close friends with guys,but here i am,in 2009, i found them.

4.YDP MPDT 2009/2010

Although with great power comes great responsibility but the fact of the matter is, being a YDP gives u little power but huge responsibility. Having to please the residents of my hostel, going to meetings is all part of my day job. This title brings me a lot of unwanted headaches but nevertheless,i will cherish my experience as Yang Di Pertua MPD Tekun.

5.Maintaining my CGPA and getting it up

This was a hard one,i thought i was a goner due to my extremely packed schedule but thank god! Not only i passed but i also dragged my CGPA up! Kinda cool isn't it? But i'm hoping that this semester i will be able to score better even with my extremely packed schedule.

6.Inherit the family's natural ability

Finally, i gained the "rebellious gene" that my mum and my grandpa are famous for.(laughing) I finally "laserized" my mouth and start hurting people with it. I'm not going to talk about it in my blog but thanks to this particular organization, i got to learn more about myself and what it means to be a good leader.( But that doesn't mean that the organization is good )

7.Being a brother

It's been my wish to have a little sister or brother that i can take care off but well it's not meant to be. Here in the campus, i finally got a few girls and guys who actually look up to me as a brother although they didn't know i'm actually 19. Anyway, it's good giving advice to people,it prepares me to be a good daddy after all(haahhaha)

8.Gained a few addictions

I'm addicted to facebook games! Seriously! But since going to rehab ( semester starts ) I don't seem to have time to manage my farm, mafia family, cafe, pet and also my fish tank. Wow! That's kinda a lot don't you think?

9.Meeting her

Well,i actually do not want to talk about her but the list would be incomplete without mentioning a word or two about her. Anyway, she is my darling,sayang,honey who always have been beside me and comforting me when i'm down and celebrating with me when i'm up. Love you darling.

Well,that's all about my 2009,i hope 2010 will be a better year for me and for you :-)